Lisa acclaimed as NDP candidate for Windsor West

I am pleased to announce that Lisa Gretzky was acclaimed as the NDP candidate for Windsor West in the next provincial election. This should surprise no one, as she’s been an incredibly active and capable MPP. (During his introduction, Windsor District Labour Council president Brian Hogan wondered, “Lisa, when do you sleep?”) Looking forward to campaigning for her re-election!

Some photos from the event:

Brian Masse




Rock Bottom party pics

Just realized I never posted my photos from the campaign party at Rock Bottom. For everyone who wasn’t there (or who was but is too exhausted from campaigning to remember) – it was a great party!  Good food, great venue (if a little hard to photograph due to the intimate lighting) and of course Brian Masse really rallied us!

We also heard an inspiring, and just really lovely speech by our special guest outgoing MP Joe Comartin. I am very sorry to see him going – I’m a total Comartin fan! He just projects knowledgeable compassion and humility.


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