Farewell and thank you to Mariano Klimowicz

After many years of dedicated service, Mariano Klimowicz has stepped down as President of the Windsor West NDP Riding Association, Federal and Provincial. No single person could possibly hope to fill his shoes, so we are welcoming two new presidents, Joel Bentley as Federal President, and Mike Cardinal, our new Provincial President. Further changes to the riding executive will be announced shortly.

Many thanks, Mariano! Words cannot express what this riding and the local NDP association owes you. We hope that you will continue to share your experience and knowledge with us as we go forward.

Welcome to the Windsor West NDP

We are a politically active riding association consisting of a membership, supporters from the community at large. We welcome you to become engaged in the issues that concern us all. We strive for a better community to live, work and enjoy. We welcome you to help and participate in building a stronger future for our community here in Windsor West.