Lisa Gretzky, MPP

Lisa Gretzky is the Provincial MPP for Windsor West, and serves as the NDP critic for Education.

Prior to her election in 2014, she served as:

  • The vice-chair of the Greater Essex Country District School Board.
  • A trustee who served over 36,000 students and helped manage a $290 million dollar budget.
  • An entrepreneur who ran her own event planning business
  • A committed community leader who championed (and still does!) many causes and charity organizations throughout Windsor

twitter: @LGretzky
Official NDP Candidate Card

Lisa Gretzky: experienced leadership that delivers results.

One thought on “Lisa Gretzky, MPP

  1. Hello Lisa.
    I have been notified that the NDP would be willing to put on their platform the importants of labelling food if it has GMOs. I’m a small business owner here in Windsor and what we do is provide organics to the public. We are committed to providing fresh healthy food and creating a conversation around the purity of our food source. It’s important to us and our cliental that we are able to identify and provided education on what has been done to our good. I believe that we have a choice to what goes in our body and without the labelling we are not giving that choice or freedom. Ignorance is not bliss in this case.

    Please help us fight this.

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